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Knotted cedar comes in a wide variety of colors from light beige to a dark brown. As such, our artisans take time to ensure that the chair you order is uniform in color, and that any other pieces, such as an ottoman and/or table ;maintain that consistent shade.

With its natural ability to resist decay and insect infestation, western red cedar is a natural choice to use for high end outdoor furniture.

All of our cedar products come with a complete 10-Year Guarantee on workmanship and are made of full 1" western red cedar.

Characteristics that make knotted cedar an outstanding choice for your quality outdoor furniture.

  • Beauty: Knotted cedar is the perfect choice for those seeking a more traditional look with knots and burls, and is highly regarded for those seeking a rustic look with the durability of western red cedar.
  • Decay and insect resistant: Knotted cedar is resistance to rot, mildew and insects.
  • Durability: While clear cedar is considered to have a higher degree of durability, knotted cedar is still considered to be an extremely durable and long lasting wood.
  • Responsible Choice: We make sure that all of our knotted cedar is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource. We only buy and use wood from FSC* Certified suppliers.
  • Minimal Maintenance: You can choose to allow knotted cedar to naturally age or have it professionally stained as part of your purchase utilizing our industry-leading 4-step staining process.

We offer three finish options to choose from for our Knotted Cedar furniture


Many customers chose not to include staining of their furnishings as part of our handcrafting process. This allows for their furniture to arrive ready to custom stain or paint at home or purposefully left to naturally age for a rustic aged or grey patina look.

Stained Light or Dark

If you chose either our cedar or pine materials, you can choose to include staining as part of your purchase.

Our industry-leading four-step staining process begins with a full immersion technique where each piece of wood is dipped in an 80-gallon vat of the Cetol 1 by Sikkens/Proluxe, the best outdoor stain on the market, which is equivalent to three coats of stain.

Once dry, we hand-spray three additional coats of stain with fine hand sanding between each coat, achieving a beautiful long-lasting finish.


* FSC certification is considered the "gold standard" designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

classic adirondack chair overlooking to lake
Classic Adirondack Chair
  • From $224.00
Royal Adirondack Chair
  • From $262.00
folding adirondack chair
Grand Adirondack Chair
  • From $322.00
adirondack ottoman
Classic 2-Position Ottoman
  • From $119.00
Treated Dark Clear Cedar 2 Position Royal Adirondack Footrest Ottoman
Royal 2-Position Ottoman
  • From $127.00
Treated Light Clear Cedar 2 Position Grand Adirondack Footrest Ottoman
Grand 2-Position Ottoman
  • From $134.00
Unstained Knotted Cedar 4-Position Adjustable Reclining Adirondack Chair
Royal Reclining Adirondack Chair
  • From $322.00
outdoor furniture
Oval Side Table
  • From $142.00
outdoor side table
Round Side Table
  • From $134.00
Adirondack chairs and coffee table
42" Round Coffee Table
  • From $674.00
Adirondack chairs and coffee table
60" Round Coffee Table
  • From $824.00