Adirondack Glass/Cup Holder

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  • $87.00

Here's a great new way to place your favorite drink and still relax in style and enjoy the comforts of your Adirondack chair!

They can be adjusted to the side, front or inside the right or left arm of the chair.

Very easy to install to your new or existing Adirondack chair. Will fit any of our chairs or even other chairs too! Held in place with 6 screws so it will be able to hold just about any size glass or cup.

Unwinding with a cold one on a hot summer’s day? Or, keen on sipping herbal tea on a crisp fall afternoon, surrounded by an explosion of colorful leaves? With our dedicated Adirondack glass and/or cup holder accessory, installation is a breeze, and your beverage of choice will be held in place securely. We ensure your experience of having an Adirondack chair with a cup holder is something to cherish, and for many years!

Constructed from one of several materials including pine, knotted or clear cedar, Poly-Luxe plastic lumber, or Brazilian walnut wood (IPE), this holder can be ordered to match your Adirondack chair of choice. Measuring 9 inches long and 4.5 inches wide, it has a weight of about one pound for cedar or pine versions, or 2 pounds for IPE. As a result of these strong materials, its weight capacity tolerance is ideal for most beverages.

Material Options and Finishes

If you order a wooden cup holder for your Adirondack chair, we generally recommend having it stained using our special four-stage process. This uses a premium stain, SICO ProLuxe, that greatly improves moisture resistance while ensuring a beautiful finish. We also have an exclusive caramel finish available only for clear cedar. If you have one of our adjustable Adirondack chair ottomans or other companion pieces, it’s easy to order in a matching wood species and finish for a cohesive set. Alternatively, you might be interested in our Poly-Luxe recycled plastic lumber, available in a wide variety of bright and neutral colors. We even offer Poly-Luxe in special woodgrain options that closely mimic the real thing, right down to the texture!

Environmentally Friendly

All woods are sourced from FSC certified suppliers, meaning two trees are planted for each one cut down for manufacturing. Comprised entirely of recycled plastics sourced from FTC GreenCircle certified suppliers, our Poly-Luxe Adirondack chair cup holders are even more durable and weather resistant, and they come with a written Lifetime Guarantee!


Our Adirondack glass and cup holders are ready to weather not only your favorite drink’s moisture but also mother nature herself. The right components, including high-quality screws and carefully sourced woods or plastics, mean maintenance is a non-issue. Washing the accessory with soap and water, followed by a rinse, is all you’ll need to do every few weeks or so, along with repainting and/or re-staining as preferred every few years to prevent fading. Materials such as Poly-Luxe are more resistant to fading, while IPE wood is non-porous and naturally moisture resistant (therefore not requiring a stain).

Installation and Adjustability

Simply tighten the six screws included and your cup holder is installed – it’s that easy! What’s more, it can be adjusted for side, front, or inside-arm positioning by unscrewing and moving to the desired location. Along with products such as our two-position ottomans and Adirondack chairs, both of which are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, it’s possible to have a more personalized outdoor lounging experience that is uniquely yours!

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