Comparing Different Styles of Adirondack Chairs

Are you in the market for some exceptionally durable outdoor patio furniture? There are plenty of choices to be had, but none come close to the resilience, beauty, and longevity of an Adirondack chair. The trouble now is… which one in the world do you choose from? We ourselves handcraft and produce a wide range of Adirondack chair products and accessories to accommodate for every body size and lounging need. Whether you’re keen on a double set for a romantic unwinding by the fire or something that can come with you on all your outdoor adventures, there’s no shortage of options. 

Today, let’s explore the different styles of Adirondack chairs that we offer in hopes of helping you make an ideal, well-informed choice. And, of course, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team if you would like assistance with selecting a model! 

Chair Kits (Classic and Royal)

Available in pine, knotted or clear cedar unstained only, these handcrafted and high quality chair kits are ideal for folks looking for a compact and easy-to-relocate outdoor lounging solution. It arrives flat-packed and includes easy-to-follow instructions with plenty of visual aids, so assembling the furniture is a breeze. Speaking of which, go wherever the wind takes you and bring this chair along for the drive, as it’s quick and easy to fold up and transport. Responsibly sourced from FSC certified wood with rustproofed stainless-steel hardware, it’s ready for the road and the many adventures you’re sure to have. Whenever you’re ready to set up camp or settle into the cabin retreat of your choice, use the handy locking feature, then settle right in for relaxed outdoor comfort!

Classic (Standard)

This classic outdoor seating icon is available in a wide range of premium-grade woods including knotted pine and cedar, clear cedar, Brazilian walnut (IPE) and even Poly-Luxe synthetic recycled plastic lumber. It’s the most popular size and one of our most affordable chairs, ideally suited for average-sized individuals. Featuring six rear slats for the backrest, a 20-inch-wide seat, and tested support for up to 300 pounds, this is one piece of outdoor furniture that will welcome you for relaxation time for many years. It also folds in half, making it easy to store and transport as needed.

Royal (Large)

Looking for something a little larger? The Royal takes the Classic’s design hallmarks – an ergonomic back to cradle the spine and handcrafted design using the finest materials – and gives you even more to love. This model features seven back slats and a 22-inch-wide seat. Not only that, but it’s even hardier, offering support for up to 400 pounds. It’s even easier to get in and out of, and it works beautifully with a matching outdoor ottoman! 

Grand (Oversized)

Are you possibly looking for something way larger? This is as big as they get! The Grand takes its name seriously, offering one of the most luxurious and largest seats out of the house! With its 34.5-inch back and an even wider 26-inch seat – along with 550 pounds of weight supported – it’s a wonderful option for larger-sized folks who deserve to unwind outdoors just as much as everyone else! Again, it can easily be folded up and brought with you on your travels, stored away, or moved around the property – perfect for following the sun as the day goes on!


Lounging in a regular Adirondack chair is one thing, but a purpose-built recliner takes relaxation to a whole new level. Again, this is available in our wide range of wood species options, all of which are FSC certified, or you can order in highly durable and long-lasting recycled Poly-Luxe lumber. 

Let’s move onto the features now, of which there are plenty on this model! For starters, it features four-position adjustability, allowing you to tweak the seat angle to suit your preference. It also includes a slightly flatter seat angle, making it easier to climb into and out of even if reclined back. With a 22-inch-wide seat and support for up to 400 pounds, it’s a bit of a blend of the Classic and Royal models. Of course, like with all our Adirondack chairs, it’s built with no nails, glue, plugs, staples, or other signs of low-quality work – everything is hand-fashioned for the most premium experience possible, and all hardware is stainless steel to prevent rusting. 


Rocking Adirondack chairs like ours take an iconic design and add more functionality, not to mention raising the seat height. This is an excellent option for folks who struggle to get out of lower seats, so if you have long legs or are on the larger side, this is well worth considering! With seven back slats, a 22-inch-wide seat, and support for up to 400 pounds, it’s even roomier than our Royal model.


Last but not least on the list is the double Adirondack chair, which is exactly what it sounds like on the tin. A combination unit of two Royal-sized Adirondack chairs connected with a pair of side tabletops – one stacked above the other between the seats – it’s the best choice for date night or camping as a couple. Ours, with its seven back slats, 22-inch-wide seat, and support again for up to 400 pounds, also comes with a flatter seat angle. This makes it, like other models we’ve mentioned, easier to get in and out of. The expression ‘too much of a good thing’ often comes to mind when going about everyday life, but we believe in doubling up on the best to make each moment in the great outdoors that much more special, and that’s where this model comes in! 

And there you have it, the complete selection of our finest Adirondack chair models available to order today! These are all foldable, use only the highest-quality parts, and are handcrafted for a pristine and long-lasting finished product that you’re sure to love. Along with additional accessories including cup holders, ottomans, side tables and more, we’re proud to offer a complete outdoor patio experience that will last for many years to come. To learn more about our offerings, contact us at the Best Adirondack Chair Company. We’re happy to answer any questions and fully ensure that you enjoy your purchase!