They say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery – well the competition must love our products to keep imitating them. Since 1955, we have strived to continuously develop and add new products, including creating new products to meet our customers' needs. 


We were the first company to offer a folding Adirondack chair – now many companies offer folding versions.


We were the first company to prioritize offering Adirondack chairs designed to accommodate a broad range of body types and ages. Our best-selling Royal Adirondack chair was originally designed with seniors in mind, as it sits up higher off the ground and is easier to get in and out of. Our plus size Grand Adirondack chair was specifically designed for our taller and larger customers.


Our adjustable ottoman that can be used in two different positions to give not only the lounging quality of your Adirondack Chair when used in its slant position as a footrest but can also be used as a table or a bench for additional seating in its upright position.

Ergonomically Designed

You only need to sit in one of our chairs to see the biggest difference of all – comfort. Our chairs are ergonomically designed to fit many diverse sizes with the least amount of pressure points allowing muscles to relax in comfort. Our thoughtful design differences work together for the same purpose – the creation of the most comfortable chair on the market today.