Recliner Adirondack Assembly Instructions

For your convenience, our Recliner Adirondack Chair is shipped 80% pre-assembled and will arrive to you in two boxes. The following instructions will help you easily complete the final assembly steps. 


You will need the following tools to assemble your new Recliner:

  • 3/16" hex key wrench - included in your shipment
  • Square # 2 screwdriver - included in your shipment
  • 7/16" (7.94 mm) ratchet or wrench
  • 1/2"(12.7mm) ratchet or wrench

 Carefully unpack your new chair. You will have 8 partially assembled pieces: 

  • 1 assembled back
  • 1 assembled seat
  • 2 arms
  • 2 legs
  • 1 front piece,
  • 1 back dowel assembly

Also included are:

  • 2 - 5/16" x 2½"(7.94 mm x 63.5 mm) bolts with 2 washers & 1 nut 
  • 2 - 5/16" x 2 1/2" (7.94 mm x 63.5 mm) bolts with 3 washers & 1 nut
  • 2 - 1/4" x 6" (6.35mm x 63.5 mm) lag screws with 3 washers
  • 8 - 2" screws
  • 4 - 2½" screws

Please note: If you decide to use a power drill to set the screws in place then please use the slowest setting as to not place the screws in too deeply.


  1. Lay out the legs beside the seat as in photo 2A
  2. Match A to A and B to B (place sticky washer on inside leg first as in photo 1A)
  3. Leaving 1 washer on the 5/16" by 2½" (7.94 mm x 63.5 mm), bolt it with 2 washers slipping it through both holes (1B) and add the second washer and nut on the other side. (1C) You will need to hold the bolt with hex wrench to keep it from spinning while tightening the nut. Do not tighten it tight yet.

Please note: We recommend using the nut with nylon bushing attached for the assembly. If you are having difficulty with them you can use the extra regular nuts included in your bolt package.


  1. Turn the legs so they are standing upright then screw down the front curved brace with the 8 x 2" (5 cm) screws matching A with A and B with B making sure the arrows are pointing in the same direction. 

Please note: It is important to use a level assembly area and that legs should be flat with floor before screwing in the front piece.


  1. The two arms are added next. Leaving the medium washer on the 5/16" by 2½" (7.94 mm x 63.5 mm) bolt, slip it through the inside of the leg from the inside. Add the largest washer, then slip the arm on placing the last small washer and nut inside the grooved area.
  2. Be sure to line up arm A with leg A and B with B. You will need to hold the bolt with hex wrench to keep it from spinning while tightening the nut. Because this nut is inset we recommend using a ½" (13mm) ratchet socket.


  1. (4-A) First you will need to turn the stainless steel plate to the outside.
  2. (4-B) Then place the bottom of the back in place in the pre-set grooves.
  3. (4-C) Then turn the stainless steel plates in closed position.
  4. (4-D) Attach the center curved piece of the back to the arms by using the ¼" by 6" (6 mm x 15 cm) lag screw. Leaving the small washer on the 6" (15 cm) lag screw, then slip it inside the back of the arm from the outside
  5. (4-E) Then place the 2 medium spacer washers in between the arm and the middle back frame piece. 
  6. (4-F) Screw into place. Snug not tight.
  7. (4-C) Once the arms are attached to the back you can permanently place the 2" (5 cm) screw supplied to secure the plate in place locking the back in place.

Important Note: Please note that to fold the chair you will need to remove the 2" (5cm) screw and place the stainless steel plate in open position to fold the chair or to unfold the chair. 



  1. Go back and tighten nuts snugly, but not too tight.
  2. Chair will not fold or adjust properly if the nuts are too tight.
  3. Lastly! Sit back and enjoy!

Your Recliner is now ready to use and enjoy! 

If you have any questions regarding assembly, please contact us, call our toll free number 1-800-418-1433 or email