5 Types of Custom Adirondack Chairs for Your Favorite Outdoor Hideaway

Did your mother ever tell you to get outside and stop watching so much TV as a kid? As it turns out, mothers really do know best. Medical studies from all over the world, including a huge study from Harvard Health, have shown that getting outdoors every day can improve your health, increase your sense of well-being and happiness, and help boost your immune system. Everyone should have their own special place outside that makes them feel welcome and relaxed so that they can reap these benefits. Why not design your very own oasis? At The Best Adirondack Chair, we offer five hand-made custom options so that you can turn any outdoor space into your favorite spot for soaking up the benefits of nature.

1. Paddleback Adirondack Chair

Does your idea of getting outdoors include lazy afternoons by the lake? You’ll love the look of the Paddleback Adirondack Chair, featuring a custom-designed back that looks like oars. This charming seat is great for cottages, lake houses, water sports clubs, and any spot where you want the relaxing vibes of a weekend away. This chair can be made in either knotted or clear cedar, or unknotted or knotted pine, or treated pine or cedar - and you can choose the stain color and the style of the seat as well.

2. Sandal Chair

The Sandal Chair is one of our most unique designs, featuring an asymmetrical, rounded back that looks like the sole of a sandal. Perfect for a laid-back, summery vibe, or for lovers of abstract art and design, this chair will keep you comfortable and decorate your space. In addition to choosing the type of wood and seat style, you can customize this chair by choosing a light stain, a dark stain, or a beautiful caramel color.

3. Peak Adirondack Chair

Want your outdoor getaway spot to put you in mind of mountain peaks? Or do you want to feel like royalty in your very own throne? The Peak Adirondack Chair is a dramatic design with a pointed top that mimics grand mountains and royal chambers. Like all our chairs, this is a hand-made design with many customizable options. The ergonomic design is meant to make anyone feel comfortable, and this durable chair supports up to 350 pounds.

4. Shell Adirondack Chair

If you want to get the healthy benefit of being outdoors, and you want to be put in mind of beaches, crystal clear waters, and gorgeous ocean sunsets, the Shell Adirondack Chair is for you. The beautiful rounded back mimics the look of scallop seashells, and the light stain is the ideal color for mimicking white sandy beaches. Whether you are right on the beach or far away, this chair will instantly transport you to a sunny state of mind.

5. Royal Lake Simcoe Lawn Chair

Love the look of the Royal Adirondack Chair, but want something just a little more unique? The Royal Lake Simcoe Lawn Chair is a fun new addition to our custom line. Perfect for a fun and funky style, this chair can give any outdoor oasis a laid-back vibe. Use our custom Adirondack chairs to create your own special outdoor getaway so that you can soak up all the amazing benefits of being outdoors.