Can You Use an Adirondack Chair Indoors?

You have probably seen any number of images on home decorating websites that promote the "Adirondack" or "Arts and Crafts" styles of design and décor. Using an abundance of natural materials, beautiful colors and an emphasis on nature, these styles have an eternal appeal. Typically, the views from such properties gaze out to gardens, lawns and even towards bodies of water such as a lakeside setting or even a seaside view. And tucked somewhere in that view is usually an Adirondack chair or two…or ten!

Popular since the early 1900s, they are a chair that really emphasizes relaxation and taking some time to just enjoy the view or the moment. They are a perennial favorite with gardeners and outdoor designers as they also can be found in any number of styles, colors and looks. Yet, their extreme comfort and strong good looks often lead many to wonder if they can realistically use an Adirondack chair inside of their home. The only answer to that is "why not?" Of course, it is important to be sure of a few things:

The Size Of The Room

Adirondack chairs on their own can take up considerable floor space, and if you add a foot rest might even take up as much as a loveseat or oversized armchair. Because of their size, you should consider if the chair is going to overwhelm the rest of the pieces in the room, or the room itself. 

The Materials

Authentic Adirondack chairs are made of natural wood that can be stained in any number of hues. The important point here is to consider what such a substantial piece of stained or painted wood will do when paired with the other materials in the room. If you have wood paneled walls, wood flooring and other wood furnishings, it may over use that material. If, on the other hand, you have woven rugs over wood floors, fabric upholstered items and a few wooden pieces such as a chest or set of drawers, it could be the perfect choice.

An Alternative

Do you have a stuffed chair beside or in a corner of the bedroom? Maybe there is a den or family room with a reading niche? If so, an Adirondack chair is the perfect alternative or replacement. If finished properly, it is a unique way to add a dash of color, warmth and sense of summery lightness into the space. Naturally, any home with a four-season room or enclosed porch is the perfect spot for a an Adirondack chair or two, along with matching accessories.

At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, you can easily find the perfect sort of Adirondack chair for your interior design goals, as well as any outdoor settings. With their amazing good looks and quality materials, they will work well with even the finest interior themes and décor.