How to Make Your Spa Welcoming Even in Winter

When the cold weather months roll around, many spas and resorts see a lull in visitors. That may be due to the family holidays keeping everyone close to home – but often it’s because many spa attractions are not as enjoyable in the cold! Here are some tips for making your spa or resort feel welcoming all year long.

Emphasize Any Warming Attractions

Is your spa located near hot springs? Do you have hot tubs on the premises? Is skiing a great way to get the blood pumping nearby? Be sure that your guests know where they can go to stay warm when they are staying with you. Consider bundling skiing passes with suite prices for a “winter getaway” that guests won’t be able to refuse. Take a look at the area around you and let guests know about fun things to do nearby that are indoors, such as museums and other attractions. This is also the best time to be emphasizing the dining at your resort! Bring in some celebrity chefs or revamp your menu to attract foodie guests.

Offer Warming Therapy Treatments

Hot stone massages and other therapeutic treatments that involve warmth are a great way to attract guests who don’t ski. Be sure to offer complimentary cocoa or hot tea with your services to remind guests that you’ve got their warmth in mind! During this time of year, your indoor spa services should be your focus. Consider rearranging your spa so that massages or other services that require undressing can be done by a fireplace, if available. Or offer spa services in the guests’ rooms, so that they can be as comfortable as they like while they watch the snow fall through the window.

Focus on Wiping Away Holiday Stress

It’s tempting to focus on nearby shopping when marketing for winter guests, but remember – they are probably coming to a resort to get away from the stress of the holidays. Instead, try to create an oasis that focuses on them, rather than the need to check off a gift list. Fill your space with quiet nooks where guests can read by fires, watch snow fall through windows, and focus on themselves.

Make Your Outdoor Space Welcoming

You can still utilize your outdoor space, especially if one of the big draws to your spa or resort is the view. Consider arranging a variety of comfortable lounge chairs, like the Royal Adirondack Chair, around a fire pit, so that guests can stay toasty while they get some fresh air. Offer extra blankets for bundling up when outside, and don’t forget to protect your chairs from snow with patio chair covers. Your guests will appreciate the dry seats when they do want to take advantage of outdoor areas. At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we offer a variety of custom Adirondack pieces that can be branded or otherwise made to suit your resort perfectly. When it’s time to welcome winter guests in with style, contact us to learn more!