Press Release: Giant Apple-Themed Adirondack Chair Creates Buzz for Kilmarnock Orchard


(ONTARIO, July 20, 2023) The Best Adirondack Chair Company has once again elevated the concept of unique outdoor furniture by crafting and delivering a giant Adirondack chair, intricately designed to reflect a colossal apple.

The masterpiece, commissioned by Kilmarnock Orchard in Merrickville, Ontario, showcases a vibrant red apple with a brown stem and green leaf on the backrest. Additionally, the Orchard's logo is tastefully presented in bold black on the chair.

"We are honored to be included in designing and building this one-of-a-kind masterpiece for the Kilmarnock Orchard," said Dina Elatawi, Manager of Customer Relations at DFC Woodworks Inc. "This signature piece will help attract more tourism to their fabulous orchard and farm store, and also help them get the word out. After all, who can resist snapping a photo in a giant apple-shaped Adirondack chair?"

The company's custom-made giant Adirondack chairs are more than just furniture. They are fun, eye-catching attractions that boost visibility and brand recognition for any business, from orchards to corn farms, farm stores, and any place where capturing the attention of tourists is key. Perfect for photo opportunities, these chairs are not only a magnet for family snaps and selfies but also generate user-generated content (UGC) to boost social media engagement and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

These chairs have already been featured at various locations including Great Wolf Lodge and the University of Wyoming, and in numerous cities, towns, and municipalities. The company offers customization options including distinctive back shapes and engraved or painted logos. For added safety, stairs and railings can be included. Additionally, they offer oversized chairs, a great option for those seeking a piece larger than an average chair but smaller than their giant counterparts.

Companies or organizations interested in turning a giant piece of furniture into a tourist attraction can learn more at in the USA or at in Canada.

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About The Best Adirondack Chair Company:

DFC Woodworks Inc., known as "The Best Adirondack Chair Company," is a leader in unique, hand-made outdoor wooden furniture. Their giant chair creations are designed to enhance business visibility, generate user engagement, and promote tourism, making every piece more than just furniture.