Six Reasons Hotels Choose The Best Adirondack Chair Company

A hotel getaway should blend the comforts of home with unique luxuries that make your stay that much better. With our recognizable design and unmatched craftsmanship, we know why hotels choose our products as the perfect outdoor seating option. Meant for vacations that are located on the beach, by the lake, in the woods, or close to nature, our chairs have a timeless aesthetic and are incredibly comfortable.

Although you could choose from many suppliers, here are six  reasons so many hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts order theirs from The Best Adirondack Chair Company.

  1. Our Adirondack Chairs Are Handcrafted

The original design for the Adirondack chair can be traced back to over 100 years ago. The design developed over time and, since then, many have attempted to duplicate and streamline the construction process. None have fully succeeded.At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, our chairs have always been handcrafted. 

We pride ourselves on  attention to detail and the high level of quality we are able to offer our customers. This is something that your guests will feel each time they take a seat.

  1. We Can Accommodate Bulk Orders

As a trusted name in the business, we’ve been supplying hotels and resorts with beautiful outdoor furniture for decades. And while we  love providing our Adirondack chairs for use in people’s homes, it’s also not uncommon for our company to receive an order for dozens or even hundreds of chairs at once.

We have the capacity to meet high demands and are happy to work with businesses on a timeframe that works best for them. Our outdoor furniture is capable of enduring the wear and tear of the hospitality industry, and we don’t compromise on quality when completing these orders.

  1. We Offer Various Outdoor Furniture Options And Accessories

Beyond just expertly crafted Adirondack chairs, we also make a variety of outdoor furniture options like patio sets and accessories such as headrest cushions. Our products look great together or as separate pieces, offering your establishment the opportunity to have lots of different seating options that are still just as comfortable as our chairs. Guests will love to curl up in a cozy spot with our rocking chairs, kick back with our recliners, and hang out with our double chair, the latter of which is connected in the middle with a table and space for an umbrella. 

Outdoor seating solutions are not one-size-fits-all, which is why we handcraft different options for our customers. If you are looking for a custom design, we know just the guy. Our Master Craftsman, Francois Bruneau, will work directly with you to design and handcraft the one-of-a-kind concept you want to achieve. This is a service we offer at no additional cost.

  1. Custom Branding

We are able to customize singular and bulk orders for our business customers so that our chairs feature your unique brand. They stand out on their own, but why not have them do so in a way that compliments your hospitality business? With our custom laser engraving, we can take any text or logo and etch it into part of our pine, cedar, or Brazilian walnut wood products. The personal touch of your hotel can be preserved in every outdoor chair your guests sit in. 

Our 100% recycled plastic Adirondack chairs are a big attention grabber due to their array of colors. But maybe your specific brand doesn’t have an exact match to one of our options. With our full-color silk printing option, we can create tones and textiles that will cover the entire Adirondack chair, making it 100% unique to your hotel or resort. These unique pieces of art are sure to impress guests, and they're comfortable, too!

  1. Our IPE Product Line

Our chairs have many different features that make them appealing to hotel owners, like how they can fold up for easy storage. But we understand some establishments might not have the staff or the time to put away our chairs when there is the warning of inclement weather . This is why we introduced our IPE Forever product line.

Naturally resistant to rot and decay, this type of hardwood is the same material that was used to construct the Atlantic City boardwalk, so rest assured these chairs can hold their own when it comes to Mother Nature. At 87 pounds, you also won’t have to worry about high winds getting the best of them. They’re even scratch resistant and have the same fire rating as steel –  meaning this product line is ideal for careless guests and accidents..

This solid IPE wood (we use Brazilian walnut) looks absolutely gorgeous regardless of whether you choose an oiled or unoiled option. We are certain that you’ll be proud of the way they reflect the quality of your own business. Best of all, the reason we call it the Forever product line is because we guarantee them for forever. They will literally be the last Adirondack chairs you ever have to purchase for your establishment.

  1. A Legacy that Goes Back to 1955

Our company lineage and legacy are very important to us. We have made it more than 70 years in business because not only do we care about the quality of the furniture we create, but our customers’ satisfaction with it.. 

We are delighted to say we’ve made and will continue to make the best Adirondack chairs in the business. Going out of our way to accommodate our customers is the norm for us, offering that ‘wow’ factor in both our practices and our products.

If you are looking for the best commercial Adirondack chairs for your hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast, you don’t need to look any further. Contact us with your Adirondack chair questions and/or to place an order for your hospitality business. We can’t wait to show you what our team is capable of producing for hotel clients!