The Eternal Appeal of the Adirondack Chair

Almost ten years ago, a journalist writing in the popular magazine known as Yankee said that the "history of the Adirondack chair is like a great river–something that started as a rivulet and in time has gathered up shapes and colors and materials as it churns resolutely from the past to the present." This is a great way to describe the iconic outdoor chair that has become what many feel is a summertime classic.

It is, in fact, an outdoor armchair with an angled back and a seat comprised of wide slats and accompanied by impossibly wide armrests; designed for the ultimate in comfort. That same journalist described the chairs as "destination furniture" and "one-person resorts" you will want to place throughout your property.


Of course, the location of the chair is also significant. Designers and everyday people alike have a lot of thoughts about the ideal locations for the Adirondack chair. They are usually thought of exclusively as a classic outdoor seating (though they can look great in three-season rooms, on porches and even in sunnier, garden-style sitting rooms), and are usually on their own or in subtle and small groupings. Many think of the Adirondack chair as a seat ideal for enjoying a view and so you see them at the end of a dock, at the rise of a hill, or on an open and grassy area where views surround those seated. They are also well suited to companion pieces and there are now high quality manufacturers of Adirondack chairs making matching ottomans, side tables, love seats, swinging seats and more.


Yet, for all of the "must have" elements of a chair, if it hopes to be defined as an Adirondack, there are also a lot of more flexible options. It can be of any color, or entirely without color. It can be from a number of different types of wood, and it can have a range of different sizes and actual designs.


It also has to have the famous back legs that extend and give the chair its amazing amount of stability and balance. Adirondack chairs are never going to topple or go anywhere and will instead provide some of the most solid seating you may experience. As that author said, "They possess their own gravitational field, and they pull you inexorably into their orbit." Are they meant for socializing? Many disagree, saying that the reclining angle of the backrest ensures that you relax and disconnect. However, if you put them in a group and around a table, you will attract a full house apt to sit and socialize though the chairs are encouraging reclining.

If this has not convinced you that your garden, yard or porch is in need of at least one Adirondack chair, it is unlikely that much will! Designed to help you maintain personal space in even the most public arenas, the Adirondack chair is the perfect seat for your summer, spring, autumn and even winter needs, and at The Best Adirondack Chair Company you can select from a fine range of options and even find those companion pieces to design your own perfect outdoor destination.