What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture

So, you’re preparing for summer and you’re thinking about investing in new wooden garden furniture. You’ve already decided that plastic is a no-no, having gone through 10 different sets over the last decade, and now you want to know how to go about choosing the best wooden outdoor furniture for you and your family. You’ve come to the right place! Here at The Best Adirondack Chairs, we pride ourselves on knowing the qualities of the best wooden garden furniture, particularly Adirondack furniture, and have written a list of things to consider before buying, in order to get the most out of your purchases.

1. Think about what you’ll need  

First thing’s first; how many members of the family are there and who’ll be sitting where? Do you need a dining area or just a comfy place to read the newspaper? If your household is made up of just one or two of you, you might consider opting for one or two lounge chairs in addition to a dining table and seating. Do you like to recline, rock, or sit upright? All good question to ask yourself and your other half! Consider any meals you might have with friends and family and whether they’ll be additional space on those crowded days. Perhaps instead of additional seating you could opt for a couple of useful footrests?

2. Opt for easy care  

Rather than buying wooden outdoor furniture that will need lots of upkeep, think about buying furniture that is pre-treated. While ordinary painted finishes can look good at first, after just a season, the finish will likely begin to peel and bubble, making more work for yourself. At The Best Adirondack Chairs we have decades of experience in producing long-lasting wooden Adirondack furniture and offer a treatment service that is hard to beat. We immerse all our Adirondack furniture into 50 gallon vats of ‘Cetol 1’ by Sikkens, sealing every bit of the chair. After this, we lightly sand everything before cleaning and spraying on a second coat of stain. We repeat the process once more for luck, producing our famous high-shine finish which lasts anywhere between 4 to 14 years, depending on exposure to the elements and climate.

3. Consider storage  

Think about the amount of storage space you’ll have for your new garden furniture and whether what you buy will fit nicely into it. There may be large sections of the year when the weather won’t allow you to enjoy your new wooden outdoor furniture so keeping it inside in the meantime is the best way to preserve and extend the life of even the highest quality wooden furniture. All the Adirondack chairs, as well as most of the wooden outdoor furniture sets, at The Best Adirondack Chairs, are foldable for your storage convenience.

4. Go for quality!  

The longevity of your new wooden garden furniture is key, but not all brands offer materials that are built to last. While plastics and metals will inevitably crack and rust, some – but not all – woods offer better resilience in all weathers. If you’re looking for an investment, the cheapest woods on the market are no good as they will rot and warp in no time. Instead, opt for woods known for their strength such as teak, cedar, acacia, shorea, redwood or cypress. If you are eco-minded however, bear in mind that redwood is not a good choice as it is slow growing and in limited supply worldwide. Here at The Best Adirondack Chairs we use Western cedar on all our Adirondack furniture as it is one of the strongest and most resistant woods on the market, while also being easy to match to other wooden furnishings as it is easy to stain. Because cedar retains moisture it is also more resistant to cracking than other woods.

5. Make your purchases work hard

To get the best value for money for your money, consider wooden garden furniture that doubles up for more than one purpose. An ottoman or footrest can become extra seating for when you have a big family gathering, and a standard coffee table can have more than one use if you are imaginative. Even a humble bench can serve as both a small refreshments table as well as a perch for thoughtful moments looking out over your garden. The Best Adirondack Chairs’ selection of lounge chairs are particularly good at doubling up, providing the perfect place to sit, read, sunbath, recline and nap!

6. Comfort  

Your wooden outdoor furniture will be good for nothing if it isn’t comfortable, so thinking about comfort first is a good way to ensure your purchases will see enough use! The reason why Adirondack furniture is such a staple in gardens across the world is because it provides both simplicity and comfort. At The Best Adirondack Chairs all our Adirondack furniture is designed with comfort firmly in mind. Ergonomically designed to fit all manner of sizes and frames, our Adirondack chairs have been tried and tested for decades and remain the most comfortable cedar chairs on the market today.

About The Best Adirondack Chairs

At The Best Adirondack Chairs we do what we say we do; we offer the best Adirondack chairs and handcrafted wooden garden furniture of the highest quality, to you, wherever you are in the world. As well as Adirondack chairs, we also sell patio sets, accessories, footrest and side tables, garden swings, lounge chairs and more, in many different designs and finishes.

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