Why the Best Adirondack Chair Is a Great Investment for Your Home

Everyone wants a home they can be proud of and while this includes the interior, it is the outside of the house that people will see more. This is why we invest in beautiful landscaping, keeping the yard groomed and spending money maintaining the exterior of our homes. One very stunning way to ensure your home looks beautiful and also add to your home's exterior beauty is buying purchasing a handcrafted Western Red Cedar Adirondack chair from The Best Adirondack Chair Company.

The Best Adirondack Chairs Look Beautiful

We all want a home that will look attractive and there is no doubt that our chairs will add to the serenity and beauty of your home. They can also be personalized in a number of different ways adding that personal touch and the exact look you had in mind. Most lawn chairs are cheap and they show that way. They can detract from an otherwise beautiful home, especially as time goes on and the elements take their toll. The Best Adirondack Chairs are made from Clear Western Red Cedar, a material that is as timeless as it is customizable.

They are Weatherproof

No matter where you live you need to take the climate into consideration when thinking about decorating the exterior of your home. This includes patio furniture, and with a lot of options to choose from, you want to be sure that you buy the Best Adirondack Chairs for your yard. Most Adirondack chairs need to brought inside or put away during a rain or snow storm or the damage done will render them useless. With The Best Adirondack Chairs, you get handcrafted and customized Adirondack patio furniture that is attractive and durable. Our Forever Adirondack Chairs, constructed out of IPE, or otherwise known as Brazilian Walnut is the same material used for the Brooklyn and Atlantic City boardwalks. It is why many hotels, luxury resorts and golf courses insist on buying our handcrafted Adirondack chairs from The Best Adirondack Chair Company.

Guarantees and Repairs

Of course, there is always the chance that something unforeseen could happen. However, aside from the guarantees we provide on our work, there is also the fact that they are easy to repair. This cannot be said for outdoor furniture made from plastic or metal. When those materials incur serious damage, there is no fixing them. As we choose Clear Western Cedar, Pine, IPE or Knotted Cedar for the Best Adirondack Chairs, we have a "no questions asked" guarantee and will be happy to send out replacement parts, meaning your investment can truly last you a lifetime.

The Finishing Process We Utilize

Our chairs will have no problem standing up to rain, sleet, snow, and heat. Any water accumulation will simply bead and drip right off. This means you do not have to go around wiping them down, after a storm, or waiting around until they dry before you can use them. They will basically dry quickly on their own. We say our furniture is treated, not just stained because of the unique process we use in finishing. The pieces are set to drip, then after a few minutes they are carefully checked for drip stains which are smoothed over then set to dry. When dry, each piece is finely sanded, all dust removed then sprayed with a second coat application.

After they’re dipped, the pieces are allowed to dry before three coats are sprayed on with polishing done in between each coating. The result is an impeccable finish that gives the Best Adirondack Chair its one-of-a-kind appearance. There are plenty of ways you could go about improving the outward appearance of your home. However, in terms of beauty, comfort, appearance and price, we can confidently say that the Best Adirondack Chair will give you the best return on your investment for years and years to come.