Each customer who reaches out to us at The Best Adirondack Chair Company has their own style, design, and feature set preferences. For many of these folks, the color of choice is black. Sleek, neutral and commanding, it can lend a vivid pop of presence amidst the greenery of the great outdoors, and it almost always gets along with patio, deck, and poolside arrangements. Discover the timeless beauty and practicality of our black Adirondack chairs today, created with Poly-Luxe lumber consisting entirely of 100% true recycled plastics.

Our Iconic Adirondack Chairs, Back in Black

Whether at the cottage, on the deck with a vista view, around the fire or otherwise, our chairs mean business with their durable, dependable designs. Now, they look it too with a slick black finish, optimized with care to ensure it looks great even years down the line. In fact, the color remains deep, rich, and consistent all the way through the material – this is no mere surface coating! 

Our Black Adirondack Chairs are Eco-Friendly 

We take environmental-conscious design to the extreme, and rightly so. To choose Poly-Luxe material for a pristine jet-black finish is to also invest responsibly, as the material is entirely comprised of recycled plastics in accordance with FTC GreenCircle certification guidelines. In addition, it is UV and chemical resistant, protecting the finish from fading or discoloration in even harsh weather environments.

Black Adirondack Chair Maintenance

Thanks to the eco-friendly use of materials, our black Adirondack chairs are a breeze to look after – in fact, they’re essentially maintenance free – a soap-and-water wash every so often is all they need! Poly-Luxe helps to resist moisture, color fading, warping, rot, and pests such as insects with relative ease. Combined with our Lifetime Guarantee, the impenetrable surface of your chair will look and feel top-notch for years to come.

Something for Everyone in Black!

Interested in our Classic Adirondack chair, the smallest version and a timeless original? What about a reclining variant, or perhaps our Royal or Grand alternatives with even roomier seats and higher weight limits? If you want your chair in black Poly-Luxe, you’re anything but limited in terms of design options, each of which offer plenty of armrest space – not to mention room for your favorite cider or that burger from the grill.

Ready to explore all the possibilities that await your customized black Adirondack chair order? Or, do you have any questions regarding our products, shipping, or otherwise? We’re happy to help! Contact our team at The Best Adirondack Chair Company today to get started.

14 products found in Black Adirondack Chairs

Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
  • From $499.00 $603.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Classic Adirondack Chair (Standard)
  • From $451.00 $541.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Royal Reclining Adirondack Chairs (Large)
  • From $695.00 $819.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Royal Upright Adirondack Chair easiest to get in and out of, partial kit(Large)
  • From $599.00 $716.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Adirondack Rocking Chair (Large)
  • From $699.00 $819.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Folding Royal Loveseat Adirondack Chair
  • From $1,193.00 $1,432.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Grand Adirondack Chair (Oversized)
  • From $729.00 $867.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Double Royal Adirondack Chair
  • From $1,294.00 $1,553.00
Poly-Luxe Plastic Lounge Chair
  • From $894.00 $1,072.00

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Our chairs are beautiful and so sturdy! They arrived last week and were easy to assemble. Hands down great product and company. Thank you!
Susan Hays, Northern Illinois
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!! The Adirondack chair came in yesterday, and it looks amazing. I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much for this special piece.
Catherine Ford, Akron, Ohio
We love our new furniture ! You now have my award for greatest small business in North America. Thank you!
Douglas Coggins, Rockville, Maryland
Thanks for making these excellent quality chairs. The quality is second to none. It was worth the wait! Will recommend these to friends!
Jeff & Karen Steinson, Roanoke, Virginia

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