White is a popular color choice among outdoor furniture enthusiasts for many reasons. First off, it’s neutral and welcoming, getting along nicely with your landscaping and other pieces. Second, it’s bright and cheerful, enticing one to sit and savor the moment – or that view of the lake ahead. Third, with the right materials, it’s easy to keep looking fresh and clean. We’ve checked all those boxes – and a whole lot more – with our white Adirondack chairs. Built using Poly-Luxe material in place of traditional wood lumber, they are even more eco-friendly and easier to look after, providing you many years of absolute comfort in the great outdoors!

With our White Adirondack Chairs, Materials Make the Difference

Poly-Luxe is no ordinary lumber! Composed entirely of 100% true recycled plastics, it promotes a healthier world by reducing the impact on landfills and our oceans. Their finish, impervious to rot, water damage and pests, is resistant to UV rays and chemicals, helping their brilliant white color last for longer. Whether around the campfire, poolside or on the patio, these chairs look and perform beautifully almost anywhere.

A Design for Everyone, and All in White!

When it comes to Poly-Luxe Adirondack chairs, you have many popular models to choose from. Our Classic Adirondack chair offers up a timeless design and is the smallest size available. Moving up the ladder to the Royal, you’ll get an even roomier and flatter seat. The Grand is, as the name implies, the grandest of all, providing the largest seating area and highest weight limit. We also have reclining variants readily available. And yes, we can provide all of them in a bright white finish! 

Our White Adirondack Chair Legacy

Our team at The Best Adirondack Chair Company has been in operation since 1955. Over the years, we’ve innovated and improved upon the iconic Adirondack chair design. Those who sit in one are effectively our very own guests, and it’s our role to provide the right outdoor lounging experience to each of them. This is what inspired the ever-continuous expansion of our product selection including our Poly-Luxe white Adirondack chairs, and we’re proud of the legacy we’ve created – not to mention a reputation for customer service excellence.

On that note, are you interested in placing an order with us or learning more about a specific product? We’d love to help and address any questions you may have! Contact us today to get started.

14 products found in White Adirondack Chairs

Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
  • From $499.00 $603.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Classic Adirondack Chair (Standard)
  • From $451.00 $541.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Royal Reclining Adirondack Chairs (Large)
  • From $695.00 $819.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Royal Upright Adirondack Chair easiest to get in and out of, partial kit(Large)
  • From $599.00 $716.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Adirondack Rocking Chair (Large)
  • From $699.00 $819.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Folding Royal Loveseat Adirondack Chair
  • From $1,193.00 $1,432.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Grand Adirondack Chair (Oversized)
  • From $729.00 $867.00
Poly-Luxe Recycled Plastic Double Royal Adirondack Chair
  • From $1,294.00 $1,553.00
Poly-Luxe Plastic Lounge Chair
  • From $894.00 $1,072.00

Handcrafted in north america since 1955

Since 1955, we have strived to continuously grow and innovate to serve our customers with the highest quality products and service available on the market.

We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional customer experience before, during and after your purchase. As we like to say "you become part of our family when you buy our furniture".

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Our chairs are beautiful and so sturdy! They arrived last week and were easy to assemble. Hands down great product and company. Thank you!
Susan Hays, Northern Illinois
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!! The Adirondack chair came in yesterday, and it looks amazing. I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much for this special piece.
Catherine Ford, Akron, Ohio
We love our new furniture ! You now have my award for greatest small business in North America. Thank you!
Douglas Coggins, Rockville, Maryland
Thanks for making these excellent quality chairs. The quality is second to none. It was worth the wait! Will recommend these to friends!
Jeff & Karen Steinson, Roanoke, Virginia

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