Meaningful and Lasting Gifts and Heirlooms

Personalizing your outdoor gathering space elevates your experience and enriches time spent together as family and friends. Whether noting a special person, time, or place this added touch will make your outdoor space the home of treasured memories and heirlooms.

Corporate Branding

Let us be part of your branding initiatives by engraving your logo and/or slogan for instant brand recognition.

The Laser Engraving

Our commercial-grade laser engraving machine produces etchings that are both aesthetically pleasing and permanent. Individual pieces of wood or plastic are inserted into the machine where it uses a laser to etch surfaces with incredible detail and accuracy, transforming your ideas, including your choice of font and/or images. As you can see from the picture above, the details can be astounding. There is no limit on the amount of text, but please appreciate that the longer the text, the smaller the font will be, as we may have to place the text in multiple lines.

How to Add Laser

When selecting your Adirondack chair(s) or furnishing(s), click "Add Laser Engraving". There there will be a comment box available for you to include your etching request*. Not sure what you'd like? No problem! Engraving info can also be sent to at a later date.


We usually place the custom laser etching on the front slat of an Adirondack Chair, although we can place it on the arm or a different location upon request.

* If you are submitting a custom logo or artwork, we prefer to receive them in vector format. If you only have a .jpeg version, we will endeavor to convert it to a vector file on your behalf. Please note that if the file is complicated, there may be an upcharge to have our graphic designer convert the image. Of course, we will run this by you before proceeding.

IMPORTANT: We do not and will not, under any circumstances, share or distribute any proprietary logos, and/or artwork other than for work that has been specifically contracted to us by you, and/or your company. We also do not and will not use any trademarked logos without permission from the owner (i.e. sports teams, college and university seals, etc.).