How to Make Adirondack Chair Cushions

If you love DIY projects, making your own Adirondack chair cushions is an excellent way to enjoy a little creative time while keeping away those winter blues. It's a fun and easy activity that anyone can do, even for novice sewers. These will provide additional support for your bottom and back, making your chairs even more comfortable when you're lounging. Plus, it will add some colourful flare to the furniture, enhancing them you're your personalized touches. Here's how to make them.

What You'll Need

Gather all of these items before getting started:

  • Fabric that you love and durable
  • Foam cushions pillows
  • Thread and needle
  • Your creative inspiration 

How to Make Adirondack Chair Cushions

Measure and Cut the Foam

If you're using foam instead of covering up an existing pillow, you'll need to cut it to the appropriate size of the chair. Measure out the bottom and back, so it fits just right. 

Measure and Cut the Fabric

Next, you'll need to cut the fabric. Since this will envelop the foam, just like a pillowcase, you'll need to cut it into four rectangles. Use a tape measure to ensure it's large enough for the foam to fit inside. Typically, a 25x40 inch piece of fabric will be fine.

Sew up the Sides

Once the fabric is measured and cut, it's time to start sewing. Begin by sewing up three of the sides together and leaving one for the opening where the foam will be inserted. A needle a thread will work for this, but if you have a sewing machine begging to be used, go for it! Repeat this process for the other pieces of fabric.

Insert and Seal Up the Cushion

Next, place the foam or pillow inside the fabric. Spend a few moments to even it out and make sure it reaches each corner evenly with a little bit of wiggle room. Then seal up the fabric and cushion by sewing the final seam.

Make Straps to Hold the Cushion in Place

We're not done yet! After the cushion is done, it's time to make the straps that will keep them attached to the chairs and in the right position. To do this, cut up four straps from your fabric. We recommend cutting them at least 1x12 inches so they will wrap around the back of the chair with enough room to tie. But if you're unsure, double-check by using your tape measure. Sew one strap to a corner of the cushion and another to the opposite corner to fasten them in place. Then all that's left is to try them out by placing the cushions on, inserting the straps between the wooden slats and tying them around the back.

Other Ways to Get Creative with Your Chairs

If you're searching for a few more ways to spruce up your Adirondack chairs or add something creative to them, here are some ideas to inspire you:

Paint Them

When your chairs start to look a bit faded or worn out, give them a fresh coat of paint. But you don't have to stick with dull, standard colours. Get creative and pick something bold, vibrant, and personalized. You can even paint on unique designs and patterns for those extra artsy people out there.

Get them Engraved

Did you know you can get Adirondack chairs engraved? You can choose just about anything – a name, initials, date, or sentimental quote.

Order it with Customized Glass/Cup Holders

When you need new chairs, consider other customizable options, like adding on a cup and wine holder. It's a simple touch that can make those lazy weekends even more enjoyable.

No matter the season, nothing creates a more comfortable and sophisticated outdoor setting like an Adirondack Chair. For more handy tips or to make a purchase, visit The Best Adirondack Chair Company.