Why Investing in the Best Adirondack Chair Saves You Money

Outdoor furniture is the perfect accompaniment to any yard or patio. After a long day of gardening, it provides solace as you sit and admire the job you’ve done. Or perhaps you skip the work entirely, choosing to lounge outdoors, enjoying a cool breeze with a drink in hand. Depending on the kind of backyard pieces you currently have, there is a chance that every year, around this time, you’ll start thinking about whether they will stand up to another summer. 

Your eyes may wander toward the outdoor furniture displayed in local garden centers. Many homeowners are drawn in by the lower pricing and decide at that exact moment to add to their deck or patio sets. The trouble is, these pieces are rarely crafted to last, and in a few short seasons, you’ll likely be in the same boat you were in when you went looking for them. 

At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we have heard this story often. Customers get fed up with sets that compromise on quality for affordability and are looking for a new solution, and that’s where we come in! Our Adirondack chairs come in a variety of materials to suit any outdoor space, and they also have guaranteed warranties. Discover why investing in our chairs can save you money and keep you comfortable year after year. 

Built to Last

One of the biggest problems encountered with most outdoor furniture is their poor manufacturing. These materials are low-quality and often flimsy, and likely to show wear and tear sooner that you might expect. Our high-quality products can be made from clear western red cedar, knotted cedar, IPE Brazilian walnut,  knotted pine, or our exceptionally durable and sustainable poly-luxe material. Our wooden cedar and IPE chairs can be left unstained without losing any strength or longevity, or they can be treated for further peace of mind. 

We use only the finest finishes available on the market today, which is a key reason why we’re known for the world’s best Adirondack chairs. These finishes ensure your product  will stand the test of time during Mother Nature’s fury. Each and every chair that goes through our unique, four-step staining process receives the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure further resistance to years of wear and tear. All of our sturdy materials and designs can support up to 350 pounds, are built with ergonomically designed chair backs, and made foldable for your convenience. We have taken great care to choose our materials and ensure they are resistant to rot, water, and insects. They can handle spilled drinks and accidental drops with ease.

Standing Up to Harsh Weather

Wherever you leave your outdoor furniture, it will have to stand up to some severe weather. Heatwaves with intense sunlight and wild rain storms make quick work of cheap backyard furniture. At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we only craft our chairs out of materials that are known to be resistant to weather, maintaining their pristine shape and look throughout their lifespan. Our poly-luxe material is naturally weather-resistant and, regardless of the color you choose, is especially treated to prevent fading. 

Our wood products are equally exceptional when it comes to inclement weather. We have chosen woods that can age naturally to a silver-gray color, and they won’t warp or rot when subjected to downpours or the hot sun. In fact, our IPE products are incredibly dense and can withstand even the harshest conditions, which is why we call them our “forever” chairs. We believe that we offer the best choice for Adirondack chairs that will not only look great when you get them, but will continue to for years to come.

Minimal Maintenance Patio furniture that is made from cheap plastic or metal requires constant maintenance to ensure it continues to look its best while still being functional. Poorly manufactured plastic furniture can grow mold when it gets wet, break easily in strong winds, or warp and fade in the hot sun. Metal furniture can get rusty and flaky, costing you time and money to constantly keep it in a usable state. 

We do things differently here, using only proven and exceptional materials that require minimal maintenance to ensure the longest lifespan possible when it comes to your outdoor furniture. All you need to do to maintain the look of what we consider the world’s best Adirondack chair is soap and water, giving it a good wash once per season. 

Do our stained or oiled chairs require more maintenance? Naturally, to keep the look you love, they will require a recurring treatment to ensure they maintain their color. Take a look at our tips on caring for your stained Adirondack furniture for more details.

Beautiful and Functional

Perusing online websites and shopping the aisles at your local department store, you may notice an emerging pattern of outdoor furniture that is either nice to look at or serves your comfort needs, but not both. You may be used to buying pieces for the aesthetics to match your decor, and then purchasing some less than appealing pieces that are comfortable to sit in. Not only will you end up spending more, but your set will also look completely mismatched. 

The beauty of our Adirondack chairs is their timeless design, something that can easily fit in any decor and look great. Our colorful pieces offer a sense of whimsy, or you can keep it traditional with a woodgrain that you can stain to your heart's content. These chairs are ergonomically shaped and comfortable as well; their design instantly relaxes your muscles and reminds you that this is a premium outdoor lounging experience unlike any other. The wide arms are perfect for holding drinks or small plates, and they come in a range of sizes and shapes so you can choose pieces that match your needs.

The Best Adirondack Chair Guarantee

At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we offer an unmatched  guarantee on all of our workmanship. This includes a 10-year warranty on our cedar and pine models, as well as a lifetime warranty on our poly-luxe and IPE Brazilian Walnut pieces. We have received many rave reviews over the years, and always strive to exceed the needs of our customers through our experienced practices and innovative ideas. 

Ultimately, we hand-pick our materials because we build them to last. This is an investment that is meant to last you for plenty of patio seasons ahead, we want to ensure each of our products holds the same value for us as it does for you. If you are dissatisfied with your chair, we allow up to 10 days to return all your handcrafted furniture. In fact, we even pay for the return shipping as a convenience to all of our customers! 

Investing in quality outdoor furniture can mean all the difference between return trips to find the perfect piece and peace of mind. Our customers trust us to deliver exceptional pieces that can last them for a decade and then some. We also focus our goals on sustainability, and purchasing our furniture will not only save you money but also help the environment. We believe that we create the best choice for Adirondack chairs because they are more than the sum of their parts! Reach out to us to learn more about our renowned Adirondack furniture.